Saturday, September 18, 2010

Detox Difficulties?

Having trouble in becoming motivated enough to begin a Spring/Autumn detox?
Yes it's hard to deprive ourselves of the foods (and drinks) we love.

There is a simple answer - a gentle, no pain way to overcome those "detox blues".

I have found that just by substituting one or two slightly "sinful habits" each day with a healthier alternative really can work wonders.
Instead of the early morning heart starter of a cup of coffee, on alternate days (if it's too hard every day to begin with), have a glass of freshly juiced orange and lemon, it's a little more palatable than lemon juice alone in a glass of hot water.

Follow this with porridge, muesli or a boiled or poached egg instead of that piece of toast with jam.
For mid-morning hunger, try an apple and a few walnut halves with pepitas (pumpkin seeds).

Think chicken or salmon salad for lunch, with avocado, or tuna with rice.
As mid-afternoon approaches indulge in some dried apricots, pears or more nuts and seeds for an energy boost.

Don't neglect those herbal teas - chamomile and peppermint are two of my favourites, and of course drink plenty of pure filtered water.

As for your evening meal, you can't go past steamed veggies with fish, veal or chicken.

To make it really easy, practise this on a day on, day off basis for a while until you feel more comfortable with this different nutritional programme.

After a short time you will feel your body begin to respond with more energy, your mind with a clearer perspective and your spirit with a greater sense of well-being...... Enjoy!