Monday, November 01, 2010

The Humble Egg

Over a period of years the humble egg has been given a low popularity rating due to it's widely publicized high levels of cholesterol, albeit contained largely in the yolk.

So, what can we say in favor of eggs?

It is worth consuming at least two eggs a week purely for their protein content, not to mention the multitude of vitamins and minerals they contain. Vitamins A, E and K small amounts of the B group of vitamins, as well as natural vitamin D. Among the important minerals are zinc, as well as phosphorous iron and iodine.

Try to buy free range organic eggs from a reliable certified source, store in a cool place (refrigerate), and consume within a few days. There is nothing more delicious or nutritious as a breakfast omelet, or a poached egg for a good energy boost to start your day. Enjoy!