Friday, January 27, 2012

Everyone's Talking About Coconut Water

This nutrient rich drink is full of goodness and is a refreshing and super-hydrating drink at any time, but especially after exercise. It outperforms sports drinks with an impressive array of vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes and amino acids. and is now widely available at many supermarkets and health food stores.

Tip: During hot summer days be alert to the signs of dehydration - remember, if you feel thirsty you are already de-hydrated.

Our brains consist of approximately 85% water so if you feel light headed or your thinking is a little fuzzy, it's time to immediately re-charge your hydration levels.

I always carry a bottle of filtered water, as well as Coconut water, I find this is especially important when I am out walking, or participating in any outdoor activity, ensuring I return home feeling refreshed and invigorated.