Saturday, November 10, 2012

11-11-12 World Wide Meditation

Won't you join millions of people around the world in a world-wide meditation for peace, love and Mother Earth this Sunday. At 11:11 AM your local time, please just spend a moment (or longer) visualizing a better world.

THE 11-11 PORTAL - Meditation For Peace, Love &Mother Earth

"The 11-11 is time of detachment and reattachment. Some say it's an unlocking. Do not let this pivotal opportunity pass. You must plan to take it very seriously. Amend your schedule and set aside time to participate in one of the many global meditations taking place. In fact, participate in more than one. Mark this day as a high Holiday, and make your spiritual evolvement priority number one. Involve your friends and loved ones. Spread the word to any who shall listen, as this is a day of Unity. Gaia is ready to take her next step, and she wishes for all her blessed children to go with her.

You have crossed over the threshold, out of 3rd density, and are well on your way to the 5th and ever higher. The only job you have left to do is to love. Love everything and everyone; every person, animal, place and thing. Absolutely nothing else matters now. There is truly nothing at all which is more important." Archangel Indriel

This is a gift for Mother Earth and for all life on Earth!

Please share this message with all your friends and help to create meditation groups in your community for people to come together. When we come together in groups, we generate much more energy than if we meditate alone, and it is very powerful. Know that wherever you are during the meditation is absolutely perfect!

Together we are creating a new world filled with love, light and peace.

We are more powerful than we think!
We are the ones we have been waiting for!
The time is NOW!

The overall goal of this event is to create waves from synchronized flow (synchro-flow) of '11:11' energy throughout the universe by group meditation. These waves will create a loop (infinity loop) around the world 11 times. The main loop will connect Los
Angeles - Rio de Janeiro - Brisbane - Tokyo, and the 11th loop will connect New York City - Lima - London - Cape Town.

The overall purpose of this event is to help connect the entire world, while also helping to speed up the creative &spiritual evolution...and healing of all the people on the planet.


Individually, or in groups, gather in your time zone at 11:11 AM on Sunday 11-11-12.

1. Make a sound - clap your hands, beat on a drum or hit a cymbal (etc) right before you start meditating to help awaken the activation.

2. Place a healing object in your left hand (such as a crystal or healing rod) to help channel the '11:11' energy.

3. For 11 seconds or longer, hold the thoughts about a world of peace, prosperity and equality for one and all -- a world of clean air, clean water, and abundant resources -- a world where differences are celebrated and where the oneness of all life is recognized and honored. What does matter is feeling gratitude, being thankful, and sending that gratitude out into the world. Spend your time in gratitude (for things in your life that are not derived through the suffering of others), thank the Universe for that gratitude while imagining yourself freely giving it away for the benefit of others, without expectation of return.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Gifts From The Universe

One of the greatest gifts the Universe (Spirit, God) gives us is time.

It is then our responsibility as to how we use this gift. How often do we rush through the day anticipating the evening/the weekend/Christmas holidays, without savoring each minute, yes each minute is a gift to be savored, we do not honor this wonderful gift of time.

So accept each day, hour, minute and second with gratitude and appreciation, no matter what it may bring.