Thursday, May 28, 2009


I find that affirmations are so powerful in life to motivate, enliven and manifest a new way of thinking each and every day. When repeated throughout your day affirmations will become impregnated within your being and will make a huge difference to your outlook and demeanor.

Here is one I have composed and used on a regular basis especially when I need a boost!

"Today I will change my attitude from indifference to love,
From apathy to enthusiasm,
And from anxiety to calm."

Try it and see, or make one (or several) of your own!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Help For Your Stress!

Most of us suffer from excessive stress at some point in our lives, and if it is not addressed in a positive way it can become out of control, and lead to other more serious conditions.

One very successful way to help is to adopt a pet. Pets are wonderful companions, great to chat to especially if you live alone, they never judge or criticize your decisions or lifestyle, and give you their undivided attention, loyalty and unconditional love.

If you live in an apartment you may consider birds such as budgerigars or finches. One friend of mine gains immense joy, and calming relief from her tropical fish.

In these challenging financial times a pet may be the answer for your stress, and they needn't cost the earth to maintain!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

A Pain In The Neck!

What are some of the causes of neck pain? Here are some of the main culprits.

1. Carrying heavy loads
2. Sports injuries
3. Over exercising
4. Stress
5. Sleeping in an awkward position

Natural pain relief can be as effective as the pharmaceutical alternatives.
Try gentle exercise such as stretching, Yoga or Tai Chi to strengthen your neck muscles. (Do consult your Health Practitioner first)

Heat packs alternated with cold packs will help inflammation.
Other natural anti-inflammatory helpers are Turmeric and Meadowsweet, which are also excellent for arthritic pain.

I have found great relief from back pain due to an injury with Icewave pain patches, an exclusive innovation for pain relief using new technology to gently stimulate acupuncture points. (without the needles!) It really works!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Mid-Life Wellness Tips

Mid life can be a difficult time for both men and women, decreasing energy levels may plague you, and some indications of forthcoming health challenges can appear.
Here are the four most vital things to address the mid-life miseries!

1. Diet: Good nutrition is essential at this time, maybe even more so than at any other time of our lives. Follow a balanced diet which includes soy, (miso, tempeh, soy beans), fish (for omega 3), a handful of nuts and seeds each day, five servings of vegetables, and two of fruit, and add a little baked organic chicken once a week.

3. Exercise: try for 30 minutes each day where possible, it will help lift your mood, increase heart health and actually give you more energy, but do something you enjoy, a brisk walk with a friend, swimming, or cycling are good options. Note; if you haven't exercised in a while start off with less and consult your health Practitioner.

3. Manage stress: with meditation, yoga, or Tai Chi. stress depletes your energy levels and can exhaust your adrenal glands.

4. Finally avoid (or cut down) alcohol, caffeine, sugar, processed foods and salt.

If this all sounds too hard consider the benefits, a healthy mind and body to take you into the "golden age" of your 60's and 70's!!