Wednesday, February 20, 2013


For many 2012 was a tumultuous year, stress and anxiety following at every turn, and doubt that we would even survive till 2013.

However 21st December came and went without mishap or trauma and our beautiful Mother Earth now continues to evolve with new and exciting energies developing and leading us into a vibrant new era.

The word now is if we flow with these energies our wellbeing and spirituality are sure to increase at an astounding rate during this year. This is especially true for all lightworkers.

If we meditate at every opportunity, even when out walking, this can be the most relaxing and potent way to lift our awareness, and communicate with nature, the Universe and our inner self.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Memory Enemies

How often do we say, "I know this name so well, (for example, street, town, person, etc.)  but at present it just escapes me"

Sometimes especially as we grow older, or have been under stress our memories lack the clarity we desire for our work and social exchanges.

So how can we prevent excessive memory loss?

Correct diet and consuming nutritious organic natural foods is of course of major importance, but lack of exercise can vastly deplete our ability to recall even the most basic information as it inhibits the blood flow to the brain.

Dehydration, and shallow breathing are also much to blame, firstly because our brains comprise of approximately 78% water, and secondly the brain needs oxygen to function at it's best, if we breathe using only a small percent of our lung capacity our brain isn't receiving sufficient of this vital element.

We are all susceptible at different times in our lives to one or all these "memory enemies,"

So keep your brain in top working order by remembering  the "memory enemies" and working on the strategies to defeat them.