Saturday, April 26, 2008

Meditation For Relaxation

There is nothing quite like Meditation to calm your mind, put you in touch with your inner self, and return you to a natural state of peace.

Just a few simple deep breaths can work wonders - but add an affirmation such as...
"I breathe in peace and calm,I breathe out anxiety and stress" will boost it's effectiveness. Listening to a guided meditation or joining a class or circle, and exchangeing your experiences with other like minded people can often help to put a new perspective on your life.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Tips For A Long And Healthy Life

These few guidelines will, I believe, help to extend your lifespan. They may not be the ones which are most well known, but they certainly seem to make sense.

1. Keep your sense of humour alive.

2. Let go of stress

3. Eat fish at least twice a week, and take cod liver oil for it's Omega 3.

4. Stay active in mind and body.

5. Exercise moderation in all things.

6. Consume organic food wherever possible.