Thursday, April 23, 2009

Life's Little Secrets No. 25

Random Acts Of Kindness

Random acts of kindness (or being kind for no reason,) not only help others but also help you to feel better, lift your mood, and make you feel life is worthwhile.

Try some of these today:

Help an elderly person with their shopping.
Buy flowers for a friend who is feeling down.
Let someone stand before you in a queue.
Offer to mind a neighbour's children while they take a break.
Write an encouraging letter to a young person about to take an exam.

Watch how you experience ever increasing peace and wellbeing when you perform acts of kindness every day.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Detoxify The Easy Way!

Detoxing can be easy. Try these few guidelines and feel the difference in your energy levels, your clarity of mind, and general wellbeing.

1. Eat fresh organic wholefoods, non processed.

2.Exercise - yes - exercise! Even when you feel too tired to even lift a finger exercise will give renewed energy.

3. Don't smoke.

4. Drink pure alkaline water.

5. Buy a shower filter to eliminate toxic chlorine which is absorbed into your body.

6. Use natural cleaning products.

7. Try to avoid pharmaceutical drugs, substitute with herbal remedies.

8. Avoid or cut down on alcohol.

9. Use natural deodorants, hair products and cosmetics.

10. Think positive thoughts, meditate, and find some time for you every day.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Life's Pleasures

In times such as we are experiencing worldwide at present, it is sometimes easy to forget that there are many simple pleasures in life which are totally free and can impart more joy than the costly treasures we crave.

To watch dolphins at play
To hear a child's laughter
To catch the exquisite perfume of the first jasmine of spring
To touch a kitten's soft fur
To view with wonder the vast array of stars on a clear night
These are some of life's greatest pleasures.