Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weight Loss Solutions

I am a firm believer that the easiest, cheapest and healthiest ways to lose weight (and maintain your weight loss) is through regular exercise, good nutrition and juicing.

Juicing is not only super healthy, but will help your body detox, and ease the burden on your liver. A good way to begin is to have a glass of vegetable juice before breakfast, it will prepare your digestive system for the coming day and by doing this on a regular basis your skin will glow, and your energy levels will soar.

Click here for two great recipes to get you started.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Warm Winter Days

There is something magical about a warm, sunny winter's day. Maybe it's the clear crisp air or the slant of the afternoon sun across the valley, or even the joyful sounds of the birds as if they are preparing for the spring days to come.

It seems to erase memories of the cold wet days, to give us a new outlook on life and the world in general. Anxiety and worry can be seen to melt away, and our spirit feels renewed whilst enjoying these special days.

So take some time when they arrive, even if it is only a few moments, to look up and outside of your busy schedule to draw strength and joy from the beauty that nature so willingly provides.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Life's Little Secrets No. 27

Listen To Your Intuition!

Intuition....we all have it, but what is it, and how many of us use it?

Some people's intuition is so finely tuned that they can act upon a feeling and immediately know that they have made the right decision.

This can be an enormous asset in our lives, to help us with the many challenges that life brings.

So listen to your intuition and be aware that you are able to access hidden assistance when you need it.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Winter Water!

As winter tightens it's grip (here in the Southern Hemisphere) we retreat indoors and consume warming foods such as soups, casseroles and hot drinks, favourites like tea and coffee.

But even during cold weather we need water. Why, because our bodies are approximately 90% water, and we soon become dehydrated without it.

Alkaline water has added health benefits which can help to counteract the effect of a diet consisting of mainly acidic foods and beverages.

So try to drink a minimum of six glasses every day.
Tip: For a flavour sensation add a slice of lemon or lime to a glass of warm water. Enjoy!